WORK   2016

1974 Vinyl LP

"The Wilhelmsens elsker Terje Nicolaisen - 1974"

I've listened a lot to this album, and as I said, and I just have to say, that I love it all the way through. Because here we are undoubtedly talking about an all-around artist and songwriter who deserves a much bigger name than he already has - just saying - due to this fabulous release alone.

The Wilhelmsens

Paintings 2016

9th of June - 10th of July 2016

Paintings 2016 / MALERIER 2016

Review in Klassekampen Wedn 15th june 2016 (see image norwegian only)

Also mentioned by Kåre Bulie in D2 magazine
08.08.16 in an article about painting today

According to Kunstnerforbundet 3000 visitors saw the exhibition