WORK   2015

LYNX (Oslo)

Soloshow at LYNX (Oslo)

The particular inquire presented at LYNX is “stage one” in the process for the preparation of a seminar held at KHIO later this fall where Nicolaisen will talk about how he works with portraits and participate in the workshop Drawing For Freedom

Plateomslag. Vinylens tilbakekomst

Visningssted: Nasjonalmuseet - Kunstindustrimuseet, 07.06.2015 - 13.09.2015

Rolf erik nyström interprets terje

At the opening of PAPERWORK at Henie Onstad in 2011 Rolf Erik Nyström interpreted my exhibition

Kamera: Syver (9)

Smestad Gjenbruksstajon

Nicht Realisiert

Stacky shopping carts, tired consumers and fantasies concerning the use, the reuse and recycling are conveyed with a light stroke and humour.

Else Haavik