WORK   2007

I Will Never Exhibit Again (Leipzig)

For a show in Leipzig I sent an artpiece in the form of a letter stating that I would never exhibit again

The response from the gallerist, initiated more works, since misunderstanding and understanding of art mixed with a bit of very different senses of humor, eventually will trigger philosophy

Untitled (I Will Never Exhibit Again) (2007)
Typewriter and inkjet on paper. Unibind.
300 x 215 mm
14 sheets + cover

Litteraturhuset i Oslo

25 portraits of international writers in
permanent hanging

"The colour bleeds or shines a light through the lines, creating an unruly pulse or bursting line, so that the open shapes of the faces and sprawling outlines of the bodies awake a curiosity that will not be satisfied"

Kjetil Røed