WORK   1997

Parallelle Projekte In Der Stadt Münster 1997 1997, Nicolaisen decided to participate with a parasitic project. He went to Münster, found an appropriate exhibition space in a pavilion, produced a catalogue, posters, postcards and a press release and attended the official press conference. In short, he acted as if he were part of the Sculpture Project Münster. His actions were fuelled by impatience, a feeling of not wanting to wait until he was seventy....

But whereas Peter Weibel and Michael Asher emptied the space in order to show the gallery as an architectural framing device, Nicolaisen chose a different strategy to objectivise the space. The gallery itself was closed to the public during the exhibition and could only be seen from outside. In this way, the gallery was transformed from a venue for socialising and experiencing art to an inaccessible sphere that only emitted an enigmatic, yellow light.

Ingvild Krogvik