WORK   2019

A summary

participating in 7 shows this year + launching a new book!

Nicolaisen's oeuvre can be described as an uninterrupted, unfiltered stream of consciousness that resonates from his adequate viewpoint as an artist, musician and fellowman

Tidens Krav 2012

Plum Trim - Civil Kurage

Nina Skarsbø / Freja Burgess / Mercedes Muhleisen / Carl Mannov / Ylva Greni / Jørn Aagaard / Joar Nedberg / Terje Nicolaisen / Jon Erik Kopperud / Petter Napstad / Liv Ertzeid

...because the painting is damaged and faded, from earlier restorations, not everything you see in the picture can be attributed to Goya!

letter to Nicolaisen from Chief Curator Manuela Mena at the Prado Museum

The Art Tourist

I was in Münster on a mission, to develop a parasite project