Selected Proposals 1995 - 2005 (2002)
Book with 45 proposals for public space.

Published by the artist Norsk Sokkel Forlag TN

Downloadable from Agency of Unrealized Projects

Sketches has indeed been looked upon as valuable, through various historians and art lovers. Even the meta-character of the proposals has been valued, but not to fulfilment. Leonardo da Vinci's draw- ings for a helicopter in the renaissance was seen at the time as fantasy. So were Claes Oldenburg's proposals for gigantic monuments in the 1960's.

Today sculpture in the expanded field is directed towards the image of the product, a well made, fresh looking item of seduction. In this development however the proposal seem to have lost its attraction.

The proposal display the artist's fantasies or ideas with the most intimate relation to his or hers daily activity. Often there is very little distance from mind and heart to the paper. And due to the suggestive attitude of these notes, many practical, economical and ethical reflections that could lead to obstruc- tion of output, is not present in these kind of artwork.

The realisation of threedimentional work would of course never happen without the drawing, but note that often the proposal is a better vehicle for the artist intention, than the finished artwork is.

I would like to submit the following proposals to the public through releasing this book. None of these proposals are realised exept Fiesta Mayor paa Ole Bulls Plass 1998 and MPT - Museo de Pasatiempo, Infosign (Munch) and Norsk Sokkel Award 2001.