Fundamental Chord

The committee responsible for art and design in the new Snöhetta Oslo Opera house, announced for ideas from artists on how to execute the official foundation stone ceremony.

This particular form of event has a long way to go when it comes to widening the perspectives of art, and is probably a niche that is very little considered as a scene for artist to construct on. Anyhow my idea for this event where as follows;

A human size terracotta figure resembling something in between a sumo-wrestler and a caricature of an opera singer is to be constructed. This object is to be released from a suitable aircraft in a considerable height, to targetbomb a prepared bed of sand in front of the opera house, or in another site designated for this ceremony purpose.

The object is worked out in such a way that holes on the corpus of the sculpture, creates a sound similar to the one you get when you blow a bottle. The various holes should be pitched in relation to each other to create a harmonic one chord orchestral humming.