Alexander Kiellandsplass
The roundabout at Alexander Kiellandsplass In Oslo is a totally neglected perfect circle that constitutes a great deal of identity to Oslo as a post industrial city as warmly sung by city poet Lillebjørn Nilsen in the song Alexander Kiellands Plass. To activate this notion of identity to this crucial traffic cluster I propose to cover the center of the roundabout with a suited black material, decorated to resemble a 12 inch vinyl record

The basic idea is to cover the roundabout
with a suited black material that resembles
a vinyl record.

The site (Alexander Kielland Plass) is
well known as a reference in several songs
by Oslo singer-songwriter Lillebjørn Nilsen,
a much loved and appreciated writer of songs about the city of Oslo.

This is a preliminary proposal to check if
The biennale has any interest in the project
It will obviously be a rather costly project and financial muscles must be sought.

The idea needs further development both
Technically and in terms of detail.