Air commercial

Visiting the island where my father grew up, he told us what they used to play around with as kids. One of the things his brother and him were doing was fishing for seagulls. Of course, this was done in the 1940's when the care for wild animals was not an issue.

A proper amount of fish intestines is placed on the seashore. Attach a fishing line of significant length to the meat. To the other end of the line, attach an empty plastic bag. Because the seagull swallows the food directly in to the stomach, the chance of getting the bird on a string is big. The bird will escape, and fly around the island, screaming, until the string will be diluted by stomach acid and the plastic bag fall down.

The bag that my uncle attached was from the local store. Later we have seen that flying trough air with commercial messages has become quite usual way of marketing an event or a company.

Air commercial, Ink and watercolour on paper. 1999