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Mattew Barney you should spend some time at home.
Learn the kids and learn the lingo foam.
The your wife could make some really nice work,
Stay out late, roll around the dirt…

Written and recorded at Kunstwerke, Berlin, on a recidency in November 2006

Edition 100
Numbered and Signed by the Artist

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Europals – Alive in Berlin (2008)


High High High

Walking down Astroburgerstrasse, feeling kind of high,
High High High High High
Do you think that people see my sway, I’m feeling shy,
Shy shy shy shy shy

Do you think it’s easy walking
Do you think it’s that outspoken

Met a friend, gave me his hands, telling me a lie, Lie lie lie lie lie I gave him back my perfect nonsense, would you try? Try try try

Try try try

Friday Night Release (Derrick)

Friday night, and the lights are, low
Sitting in my fixed place, waiting for the show.
Five or six meters behind, my old father, studying his own mind.

My mum’s beside me, Laying on her, right waist
The food is ready, a pot of Mexican taste
As far as I remember, nobody was saying anything, ever

Ohh Derrick, you released our minds
Ohh Derrick, leaving us Allein
Ohh Derrick, You released my mind
Ohh Derrick, you and Harry Klein.

Nicest Butt on the Nordic Scene

Karen Carpenter (she) was my first,
In that age, you die of thirst.
She led me into the Kitch,
Never got out of there, what a Bitch.

Ohh, kids they grow
Ohh, let it go

Agnetha Fältskog was my second friend,
Living in Sweden somewhere, I don’t know when.
She had Eyes that was mean,
And the nicest butt on the Nordic Scene.

Ohh, young man grow
Ohh, let them go

Crissie Hynde, she was the third,
Played in a band that I’d never heard.
Her voice was low and out of key,
But she was God enough for me.

Ohh, young man grow
Ohh, let them go

Rumanian Eyes

She was French when she came in.
From where I sat I saw her left chin.
I asked her sleazy: where’ve you been?
Not surprisingly she left me.

No no no, I’m in this Wide open space
Just want to leave her with some dignity and grace.
No no no, I’m in this wide open space
Is it not that obvious, my lost amnesia.

Next one in had Rumanian Eyes.
You know with big dark strokes and lies,
After smoking more than a few,
She left with some spooky looking guys.

Blinky Palermo

Blinky Palermo, hear my song
Your painting sucks and your teacher’s wrong.
Still I love your work, and your name.

Mattew Barney

Mattew Barney you should spend some time at home.
Learn the kids and learn the lingo foam.
The your wife could make some really nice work,
Stay out late, roll around the dirt…

You’re the Cream Master


Walking down the avenue of Poultry,
Looking for another kind of food.
Fighting to forget, struggling to divide,
Greenery from grass, grocery from green

Wonder what will be the next big thing?

Nigella Nigella Tell me where to by my next green thing!

Nigella Nigella Tell me what to put in my next drink!


Always on the look, for the Crossroads.
With no sense of Direction, No sense of Place.
And this I’ll tell you right away,
If I ever passed one, I’ve forgotten.

I wanna be, I wanna be, A Beatbox Music Machine.
I wanna be, I wanna be, A Beatbox Music Machine.

No fear, No envy, No evil.

The Icemachine

The sound of the Icemachine, To the sound of French inbetween-the-wars cabaret. You would think… Somethings Broken. At first, tell the waiter: Something terrible is happening behind the Bar!

- Oh, That!

Then, Maybe it wasn’t the sound of the Icemachine: Rumbling, Spitting out cold Pleasure, Perfect Frozen Water. Just what you need, a lead, pure pleasure to the point. Maybe it was the French, ...Thing. The Sentimental, Senti Mental, that hits you, Charming at first, warm, Cineastic, Staging you in a Romantic Scene, Stabbing you without being mean, Grabbing you, Touching You
Suddently you are in Your Emotional Panorama, where no man set his Foot, Where nobody thought they would find Life, A desert, A long forgotten place, Inside you, You, You the Romatic and Sentimental, Nostalgic and warm, Drown in Peace, Easy, Easy, sit down! No reason to get intrinsed, pinched, busted! Got you! Got you. Under my skin.

You the Icemachine, the rumbelling Icemachine, the French Thirties, Wow! Easy Easy, Let your love Flow, flow flow, Monsieur! Goodlookin! Character! Drink your Beer! Restart! Are you sure you want to restart your Machine? Listen, listen, to the Icemachine…. Rumbelling… Fading.

Crime Seen

Of all the Crimescenes I have seen,
Most of them have been on the Television screen.

Teddybears Arse

Out of my Teddybears Arse came a straw,
Must have been the first thing I saw,

I didn’t really know it then,
But it was the beginning of the End.
Decline is something you just face,
He was my best friend then.

I heard a strange feedback from my bike,
It was a sound that I really did’nt like.

I didn’t really know it then,
But it was the beginning of the End.
I didn’t really know it then,
He was such a Good Friend.

The Kerouac Take

The Zombie as a metaphor for the Consumer Society.
It never stops, it eats you, wants to be like you,
Is always moving towards you.
It represents you, your unseen side,
Its ugly, disgusting…

Like some children Pop-up book that I have never seen,
Like some kind of invisible hook, never dirty, never clean,
Its not happening here, It Cant Happen Here, It Cant Happen Here,

Why do you want to buy these things all the time, anyway?
What does it mean? Are you sure you want to purchase this item?
Cancel?, Ok, Ok, Ok
I want to contribute to the flow, you say, Your Zombie voice,
cracelured, deeper, untrue and Apokalyptic:
Why should I not, It makes me feel fine, It makes me feel free
I forget my Amnesiaced Niese, My Nose,
All my inside-the-drawer topics we do have to..Do we have to dicuss this now?
I have to consentrate on the Bargain, my shopping, Leave me Alone!
Are you threatening me? Are you talking to me?
Get out of here!,
Get Out Of Here, Get Out Of Here.
I don’t blame you. Dear Fellow. Brother. Citizen. Man, Man!
C’mon, I wanna Tell you Something:
I wanna release you.
Release Me.
Please. Please, Let me go.

The cover
The Europal CD Tray
Fake News: The Creammaster
Untitled (europals), Ink on cardboard, 320 x 320 mm
At The Bar, Ink and waterfcolour on paper (from No More Jokes)
Fake News: Woody Harrelson, Terje Nicolaisen and Clint Eatswood
Robert Morris Lyrics
Performing at Henie Onstad HOK LIVE 2016
Performing at Tidens Krav 2012
Making Kjetil Gutvik vinyl covers
Performing with Kurt Johannesen at Dramatikkens Hus 2012