1974 Vinyl LP

"Jeg har som sagt hørt mye på dette albumet, og jeg må bare si at jeg elsker det tvers igjennom. For her er snakker vi utvilsomt om en helstøpt artist og låtskriver som fortjener et langt større navn enn det han allerede har – omså «bare» grunnet denne fabelaktige utgivelsen"

The Wilhelmsens

The of august I released together with Safe & Sound Recordings and the eminent producer Petter Pogo a new vinyl LP with 10 songs.

Available in most streaming platforms, but first and foremost as vinyl at Safe&Sound, Big Dipper or Platekompaniet

Musicians on this records are:

Alexander Lindbäck. Drums and percussions
*Drinkert City by John H Dall.
Ketil Kielland Lund. Pianos, Organs and Horns.
Petter Pogo. Bass, Guitars and Backing Vocals
Susanne Sisi Sumbundu. Backing Vocals and Dubs.
Terje Nicolaisen. Singing and Guitars.

All lyrics and music by Terje Nicolasen
Produced by Petter Pogo
Recorded at Silence Records, Näved, Sweden
Recording Engineer Kenneth Storkås
Mixed in Spinner Studio in Tistedal by Tomas Pettersen, Petter and Terje. Additional Audio Clips by Terje
Mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio, Oslo
Artwork by Bjørn Bjarre
Layout by Paul Dring, Hothorse Studio
Published by Norsk Sokkel TN and Safe&Sound Recordings
Distribution by Diger Distro, Safe&Sound Recordings and Terje Walking Around With His Record TN

Petter for taking on such a task. The band for being such a nice group of people and support. Joanna Adriana Ader-Appels for the poem Deep Waters Of Sleep. Ane Hjort Guttu for her artist talk in Bergen Kunsthall which inspired the song Total Station Domination. Bolteløkka Skoles Strykeorkester for intro and outro on When You’re Young. Øystein Sjølie for trashing down the blackout lane in Drinkert City and Harry for insisting on our meets. Karlla. Steinar Buholm for angel appearance and photography. John Henry Dall for great care. Tomas Pettersen for magic touch and friendship. Tom and Audun at Strype Audio for friendly billing. Prosjektskolen for lending us their car. Guri Dahl and Lars Paalgaard for hosting us during the mix. Anne for lending me her boyfriend. Bjørn for taking it so seriously. Ivi Karzei for trying to teach me how to use my voice. Itta for helping the refugees at Lésvos. My family.

2016 © Terje Nicolaisen

Front cover by Bjørn Bjarre
Recording in Silence Studios, Sweden Photo Steinar Buholm / Robert Birdeye
The Band outside Silence Studios. Photo Steinar Buholm / Robert Birdeye
Release Party 1974 at Ingensteds, Oslo. Photo Steinar Buholm / Robert Birdeye