Uncertain States of ...
This year nothing is for sure. Some projects will happen others will not...?

Van Etten Visningsrom for samtidskunst i s a new soon to open space for contemporary art in Oslo
The place is run by Katja Van Etten and Øyvind Sørfjordmo and I am supposed to show there in the end of May 2020. Uncertain.

Bærum Kunsthall is an artist run space at the former airport Fornebu outside Oslo. I am invited to show together with younger artists Markus Li Stensrud and Eirik Melstrøm. This goes down in september, so less uncertain.

I will participate in a groupshow in Kristiandsand Kunsthall, to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of Jens Bjørneboe's birth. This will happen this autumn. My entry is a selection of artist books and some drawings.

I have been invited by the artist driven showroom BOA, the local branch of the artist union BOA to launch a soloshow there in 2021 or 2022. Quite certain i would say.

The Munch Museum has digitalized every singel drawing by EM and put it out for the public to browse. On this occasion they have asked 5 artist to dive into the archives and select works they might find resonating with their own artistic activity. I am honored to be part of this projct as one of these artists.

Oslo School of Architecture and Design has hired me to teach a module in drawing this fall, for the master students. Looking forward to help the students there, finding their own path into drawing as a toolbox for thinking around and developing projects.

I just finished acting a part in Ane Hjort Guttus new film Ghost in The Machine, where I play a part as a professor at the academy of fine art, which again is not that far from what I actually could have been in real life, considering I was interviewed for the job less that a year ago.

Oh, the show Jævlade Klasseforrædere (Bloody Workingclass Traitors) did actually happen at the Galleri 69 in Oslo, just before the lockdown. Two papers reviewed the show and it was open four days before it had to shut down also. I exhibited two works there; Nick Cave's Hair (made by art student Vida Marie Aasen) and Detta Ække No For Vanlige Folk (This is not exactly something for ordinary people).

Two weeks ago the ministry of culture visited my studio, to see what an artist is actually doing all day, since Abid Raja did not have any previous brush with artists reality, I thought it a great idea to see where I was working. He was surprised that I was just another bloke from the hood, with a tie and regular working hours, he had admittedly had the impression that artist where very particular intrverted people. Well, hello in there.