No More Jokes! New publication 2019

New book released on KERBER Verlag;

Terje Nicolaisen

No More Jokes

The art of Terje Nicolaisen (*1964) strikes a fine balance between sincerity and mischievous irony. No More Jokes emphasises the former through works on paper that constitute a different vein of Nicolaisen’s production, otherwise renowned for conceptual works in the tradition of institutional critique or dealing with public space, always tongue in cheek. Nicolaisen’s skilled treatment of paper and pigment, most notably in portraits of characters both familiar and fictional, is abundantly presented in this first internationally published volume.

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Tegneklubben and Håkon Bleken

We did sessions and hanging at the TRONDHEIM KUNSTMUSEUM together with Håkon Bleken.

Tegneklubben on the road

We did a hanging of 299 works in Bergens KUNSTGARASJEN last week

Tegneklubben on the road

Tegneklubben is on the road to Trondheim, Bergen and Oslo this spring. In Trondheim we will engage with the collection of esteemed local painter Håkon Bleken to install a show at Trondheim Kunstmuseums Gråmølna

This show opens at 11th of March 2018

Later this spring we travel to Bergen to install another more spectacular show at Kunstgarasjen

Late summer we will do another show at Tegnerforbundet in Oslo

Please check our updated webpages for mind-blowing imagery

Goya’s Dog

For an exhibition at Bomuldsfabrikken Kunsthall in Arendal, due to open 18th march 2017, Nicolaisen tries out yet another way of experimenting with the notion of the contemporary artist. An epiphany at the Prado museum in Madrid, in the hall of Goya's Black Paintings, sets of another search for the big Why.

Soloshow at Kunstnerforbundet

9th of June - 10th of July 2016

Paintings 2016

Review in Klassekampen Wedn 15th june 2016 (see image norwegian only)

Also mentioned by Kåre Bulie in D2 magazine
08.08.16 in an article about painting today

According to Kunstnerforbundet 3000 visitors saw the exhibition